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I just looked across the room at Olsen, my cat, who is precariously perched on the window sill, and for some reason thought of Alf!  That’s right, the popular big nosed, cat eating extraterrestrial from the 1980s that is rendered here on this Alf shirt.   When I was little, my mother used to measure a length of time according to the length of an Alf TV show, because I could relate to it.  “How much longer ‘til we get there?”, I’d pester from the passenger seat of the car.  “Only two and a half more Alfs”, she’d perkily reply, knowing that the answer would keep me quiet for a handful of songs.  (Each Alf TV show was 30 minutes, so two and a half Alf’s would equal an hour and fifteen minutes.)  For children of the 80s (best decade ever) like me, I’m elated to present this Alf t-shirt that pays tribute to everyone’s favorite ripple-snouted Alien.

Gordon Shumway, nicknamed Alf (Alien Life Form), is a very furry tan creature from the planet Melmac, who landed on Earth and was taken in by the Tanner family of Los Angeles.  They decided to hide him from outsiders so the military wouldn’t come and capture him.  Alf gets along with his adopted family, including mom Kate, dad Willie, teen daughter Lynn and young son Brian, but he has issues with the family cat, Lucky.  Why?  His diet had typically consisted of cats.  If this cat tormentor still managed to seem lovable to you, then grab one of these Alf t-shirts today.  Just don’t be surprised if your formerly friendly feline starts giving you odd looks when you wear the tee.

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