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History Channel American Pickers tees
American Pickers
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Most people’s dream job is normally something glamorous like being an actor, heroic like a firefighter, or historic like a Nobel Prize winner, but some people picture something else entirely.  This American Pickers t-shirt highlights a few of those people who don’t see things at face value and have turned their dream into a career, all by realizing that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

The TV show American Pickers on The History Channel shows that picking through other people’s garbage, including weathered rust ridden items (that could cause the need for a tetanus shot), really can reap some benefits.  Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have dedicated their lives to this art, and they have also been able to make money doing it.  Here, viewers follow these two characters as they hunt for the next big item in people’s homes, basements, barns and yards around the country, so they can sell them for a profit through their company Antique Archaeology based in Le Claire, Iowa.  Click the buy button above to see more tees, including Antique Archaeology shirts.  Mike and Frank scour through mounds of possessions to find the perfect sign, car part, bicycle, toy or oddity that will drive buyers into a frenzy.   If driving around all day, determining the valuable from the worthless and bargaining with people for their seemingly unimpressive items sounds like fun to you too, then get your American Pickers t-shirt before someone else finds it first.  If you haven’t learned it from the show yet, it is all about who gets there first.  Remember, the early bird gets the worm.

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