Love Stinks Anti Valentine t-shirt

Love Stinks Anti Valentine t-shirt
anti Valentine's Day
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Although I enjoy Valentine's Day, I realize that not everyone feels the same way.  In light of that knowledge and after having recently seen the movie The Wedding Singer again, I am posting this anti valentine Love Stinks t-shirt for all the holiday's haters out there.  This way they can speak their mind through a tee too and perhaps not have to resort to ruining a couple's wedding reception by singing the lyrics.

The song Love Stinks is arguably the greatest anti-valentine song of all time.  The unrequited love theme is hard to mistake with its blatant lyrics and ranting tone.  "You love her but she loves him and he loves somebody else.  You just can’t win."  This hit was released in 1980 by The J. Geils Band, and it has been covered by a number of bands and artists since then.  It can also be heard in numerous movies, and its title is visible on the front of this Love Stinks Anti Valentine's Day t-shirt.  In addition to this song, you may also remember the band for other 80's hit songs, including Freeze Frame and Centerfold.  When you still hear them played in the club thirty years later, you know they will be around long into the future.

This Love Stinks shirt is for the many people who are down on the holiday, as well as lovers of the J. Geils Band song.  Who do you think sang it best?  Adam Sandler?  The J. Geils Band?  Your drunk buddy on karaoke night? Regardless of who is singing it, love stinks! Yeah, yeah!

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