Salute Your Shorts Camp Anawanna t-shirt

Salute Your Shorts Camp Anawanna t-shirt
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Not only am I dreaming of a warm sunny day right now, I am thinking about some of the best times of my life at summer camp.  You could swim all day, learn archery, put on skits and enjoy the outdoors without a care in the world just like the campers on the 1990’s Nickelodeon TV show Salute Your Shorts.  This Camp Anawanna shirt will bring those memories back very quickly, regardless of your age.

The show was based on the book Salute Your Shorts: Life at Summer Camp by Steve Slavkin and it encompassed every type of teen you can imagine.  The girls included Z.Z. Ziff, the environmental enthusiast, Telly Radford, the soccer playing tomboy and Dina Alexander, the stereotypical rich girl.  The guy campers included heavy metal rocker Bobby Budnick, nerdy brainiac Sponge Harris and the overweight underachiever Donkeylips Gelfen.  Depending on which season you preferred, you should also remember shy Michael Stein and daredevil Ronnie Pinsky.  And of course, camp isn’t complete without a camp counselor to play tricks on, in this case, Kevin “Ug” Lee.

This Camp Anawanna t-shirt will have you singing the Salute Your Shorts theme song in no time, so grab a smore and get singing!

We run, we jump, we swim and play, we row and go on trips

But the things that last forever are our dear friendships.

Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts.

And when we think about you, it makes me want to fart.

It’s I hope we never part.  Now get it right or pay the price.

Now we will share a lifetime of the fondest memories,

By the Lake of Anawanna, set in the old pine trees.

Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts

But when we think about you…this thing it came apart.

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