Coexist Religious Symbols t-shirt

Coexist Religious Symbols t-shirt
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If you haven’t noticed, the coexist design has sprung up everywhere.  I have seen it on bumper stickers, posters and car window decals, so I decided to post this coexist t-shirt.  The growing desire for this design is evident but not always easy to find on a tee.  Enjoy!

The coexist design is made up of various religious symbols.  It was created to draw attention to the idea of religious coexistence in society, with the hope that everyone can live together peacefully.  The ‘c’ is a crescent moon and star to represent the faith of Islam.  The ‘o’ is a peace sign to tie in the ideal global situation.  The ‘e’ depicts the astronomical symbols for male (Mars) and female (Venus).  The ‘x’ is represented by the Star of David for Judaism.  The ‘i’ is topped with a pentagram indicative of the Wiccan/Pagan religion, symbolizing spirit, Earth, water, fire and air.  The ‘s’ is seen within the yin yang to depict Taoism and Confucianism and their views on balancing a greater whole.  The ‘t’ rounds out the design as a cross for Christianity.

If you accept the religious differences that contribute to making everyone an individual, then celebrate it with this coexist t-shirt.

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