Criminal Minds shirt – CBS TV Show Cast tee

Criminal Minds shirt – CBS TV Show Cast tee
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Nowadays crime shows are a dime a dozen but there are a select few that stand out for having taken a different approach to the content.  The TV show Criminal Minds on CBS is one of them, because rather than detailing the actual crime itself, in each episode the cast tries to focus on what physical, mental and educational traits that the criminal may have so that they can track him or her down.  Thus, the Criminal Minds TV show is more about piecing together the correct profile and then looking for a suspect who is a match.  If this viewpoint has caught your attention, then maybe this Criminal Minds t-shirt will too.  It’s an attractive tribute to both the crime drama itself and the cast that keeps us intrigued with each new episode.

Viewers watch a team of FBI profilers called the Behavioral Analysis Unit tackle case after case, as they try to pinpoint details about a crime that can lead them to create a profile of the perpetrator.  In addition, the cast tries to explain what exactly is going on in the criminal’s mind, which provides insight into a psyche that the majority of people in the world cannot begin to comprehend on a typical basis.  It is a far cry from the usual, “I found this knife in the basement of your home with your fingerprints and the victim’s blood on it, why did you do it?” type show.  If watching Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) lead the team or Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) crack the cases keeps you entertained, then get your Criminal Minds shirt now.  Maybe it will help you tap into your inner detective and crack some unsolved mysteries!

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