District 2 Hunger Games T-Shirt - Masonry

District 2 Hunger Games T-Shirt - Masonry
District 2
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Located in the Rocky Mountains and relatively close to the Capitol, District 2 is the masonry region, specializing in mining and stone cutting.  It is also the location where weapons are manufactured and most of Panem’s Peacekeepers, or police, are trained.  If you were born in this region, you would most likely live in one of the small villages around the mines and you would be raised to have a warrior mindset.  This District 2 t-shirt celebrates the home of Career tributes like Clove and Brutus, who were raised to fight in the Games.

Panem’s District 2 is also where the large mountain nicknamed “The Nut” is located.  The mountain houses the Capitol’s hovercrafts and is difficult to access due to avalanches caused by rebel bombings.  Since this was the only district that was not a part of the first rebellion, the Capitol gives it preferential treatment.  Wear your District 2 Hunger Games shirt to let everyone know that you hail from the region that breeds warriors.

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