Ice Road Truckers Logo IRT shirt

Ice Road Truckers Logo IRT shirt
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Rain is currently tapping on my window and I can hear thunder echoing in the distance.  To me, this means that spring is right around the corner.  I’m not a fan of winter or cold weather.  We just don’t mix well but that doesn’t mean that others don't enjoy it.  This Ice Road Truckers t-shirt celebrates the drivers who base their livelihood on the extreme blasts of bitter weather that have been causing problems for many people around the country.

The TV show Ice Road Truckers, represented here by this History Channel IRT t-shirt, began airing on the network in 2007.  Quickly, it began drawing in viewers who either thrive on dangerous situations or are interested in unusual careers.  The term ‘ice road’ refers to waterways and lakes that freeze over for a short period of time during the year to such an extent that they can be driven on as roads.  Often times, these routes are needed to get supplies to remote areas that are otherwise not accessible.  That is where the extreme truckers, including the drivers who make up the cast of The History Channel IRT TV show, step in.  They race to make as many deliveries as possible before the temperature begins to rise and the roads start to melt.  There is constantly a chance that the road will crack or the truck will be caught in severe weather, but that is what these folks live for.  If the idea gets your blood pumping then so will this Ice Road Truckers shirt.  Make a mad dash to get yours before they disappear like the ice roads in summer.

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