Mardi Gras Beads t-shirt

Mardi Gras Beads t-shirt
Fat Tuesday
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Mardis Gras is once again upon us!  If you like alcohol, costumes, beads and parades, then this Mardi Gras t-shirt is right up your Bourbon Street.  Although shirts aren’t required for the festivities, this tee might help you score some more beads by telling everyone exactly what you want.

Mardi Gras is a Carnival celebration that varies from place to place.  Traditionally, it refers to the celebrations and parades that take place for a period of time prior to Ash Wednesday, but its more formal meaning focuses on a single day known as Fat Tuesday.  In the United States, the city of New Orleans is the center of the party because of its French heritage.  To observe the holiday, residents and visitors alike dress in elaborate costumes and feathered masks.  It is also typical to see people adorned with purple, gold and green beads that they have collected from floats representing justice, power and faith respectively.  In addition to beads, various other items are thrown to onlookers, including small toys, doubloons (large coins), Zulu coconuts (painted coconuts) and other trinkets.

This holiday is often viewed as the perfect opportunity to get crazy.  If you feel like getting crazy even if you can’t travel to Louisiana for a night, then get this Mardi Gras beads t-shirt for you or your party animal friend today.  The front of the tee states, "If you can read this, I need more beads!"

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