Mr. Yuk Poison Face t-shirt

Mr. Yuk Poison Face t-shirt
Mr. Yuk
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Most famous faces are simply that, famous faces, but some are also informative.  This Mr. Yuk t-shirt features one of these well known, yet helpful faces that we grew up recognizing as a warning for poison.  Although you may be accustomed to the green yucky sticker, now you have the option of having it on a tee.  Teach kids about the significance of this symbol today.  After all, it could save a life.

Mr. Yuk is a familiar bright green symbol normally found in the form of a sticker.  It was designed to be put on hazardous products that could be confused for basic food containers, in an effort to detain kids from ingesting the contents inside.  The symbol was created in 1971 by the Pittsburgh Poison Center at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  The design normally contains the poison helpline phone number (1-800-222-1222), which automatically directs the caller to the closest regional poison control center.  Grab your Mr. Yuk shirt if you think it was a good choice to replace the skull and crossbones warning that kids found more exciting and intriguing than dangerous, with the yucky green face displayed on the tee featured here.

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