Mullet shirt - Business in the Front Party in the Back

Mullet shirt - Business in the Front Party in the Back
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At the grocery store the other day, there were three, yes three, men with mullets!  This is not a common occurrence where we live.  For a second, I thought I had stepped back into the eighties.  It is a rare occasion to see someone sporting the mullet, but it is truly a treat to see three in one store.  If you enjoy the experience half as much as we do, then get this mullet t-shirt.  It features the infamous rocker style with the motto, "business in the front party in the back".  The tee is a great way to pay tribute to the retro hairdo.

A mullet is a haircut where the front and sides are short but the back is long.  Men and women have both fallen victim to this heinous "style".  Typically, you cannot spot a mullet until you see the person from behind, hence the phrase, "business in the front party in the back".  It was popular in the sixties and seventies but the style peaked in the eighties.  It has since died down except for the few who are still living in the past and for those who enjoy going to tractor pull shows in their spare time.

If you remember this haircut from back in the day, then snag this funny mullet t-shirt.  It has us stoked, so we are guessing it will do the same for you.  Party on dude!

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