Penguin Suit Costume T-Shirt

Penguin Suit Costume T-Shirt
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This Penguin costume t-shirt will have you waddling about the house and wanting to slide on your icy driveway. You might even find yourself craving fish, squid and krill as you attempt to swim around in your bathtub. The red bow tie makes this Penguin suit t-shirt perfect for formal occasions like a gala at the zoo or a formal dinner at your favorite seafood restaurant. If you're wondering where the term "penguin suit" comes from, it is a nickname for a man's bow tie dress suit, specifically one that is accompanied by a white bow tie.

In 2011, a short film directed by Chris Russell called Zombie in a Penguin Suit was released on YouTube and has received more than 2 million views. The movie tells the story of a mascot named Petey the Penguin, who had been standing outside a zoo handing out promotional coupons when he became a zombie. In the movie, Petey wanders around, feeds on a human and later collapses to his knees in the street. During the credits we see Petey the Penguin before he became a zombie. You can use this t-shirt along with some makup to help create a simple Zombie in a Penguin Suit costume.

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