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It is rare that I have the opportunity to watch The Price is Right but since I had to be home this morning to let the painters in the house, I took advantage of it.  I know many of you also watch it daily or at least when the opportunity presents itself, so I am posting this the Price is Wrong Bitch t-shirt for you loyal viewers.  The design is features the quote from the Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore. Hope this tee helps you win big! The Price is Right is a game show where contestants try to guess the price of a random household item and whomever gets closest in price without going over wins it.  Whoever wins goes up and plays one of a variety of games (there are about 70 games possible, including favorites like Plinko, Flip Flop and Cliffhangers) for a chance to win another prize.  Whether the player wins that game or not, they go on to spin the wheel.  Whichever player comes closest to a dollar without going over in one or two spins, moves on to the Showcase Showdown.  Wear this Happy Gilmore quote tee if you like the excitement of the Showcase Showdown. Ultimately, two players end up competing for prizes like vacations, cars, furniture and more.  The player who comes closest to the price of their showcase without going over wins their showcase.  Furthermore, if the winner comes within $250 of the actual retail price, then they win both showcases.  Unfortunately, if they both overbid then no one wins.  Bob Barker hosted this show from 1972 until 2007 when Drew Carey took over.  Most people prefer to root for a specific contestant, but either way it is still fun to watch and guess for yourself.  Snag this The Price is Wrong t-shirt to get in on the action.

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