Punxsutawney Phil's Driving School T-Shirt

Punxsutawney Phil's Driving School T-Shirt
Groundhog Day
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This year we had the pleasure of visiting Gobbler’s Nob in Punxsutawney (Punxie as locals call it) for their annual Groundhog Day celebration.  The weather hovered right around the freezing mark at 3 a.m. when we embarked on our hour-and-a-half drive to Punxie.  I thought I’d post this Punxsutawney Phil t-shirt, which advertises the groundhog’s driving school, as a way to commemorate our journey to see the “magical” groundhog.  The design’s message, “Don’t drive angry!” is good advice, especially when the GPS takes you on windy back roads that run parallel to a smooth sailing interstate.  In any case, we arrived in Punxie in one piece, parked in the local Wal Mart parking lot and began the mile-and-a-half trek up to Gobbler’s Nob, the large open hillside where Phil makes his appearance to let us know if we are going to have an early spring or six more weeks of winter.

Being that it was our first time at the event, we didn’t know what to expect.  When Punxsutawney Phil’s handlers, dubbed the Inner Circle, finally pulled the large rodent (correction, adorable groundhog) from his box, we waited in anticipation for his prognostication.  “Six more weeks of winter,” a top-hat adorned man on stage announced.  It was then that I fully realized that the day has nothing to do with Phil actually casting or not casting a shadow at that specific moment.  The grey skies overhead didn’t matter at all since apparently Phil had already made his prediction beforehand, which he shared with the club President in “Groundhogese,” a language that only the President of the Inner Circle can understand.  On a side note, it has been reported that Phil’s handler wears protective wire mesh lined gloves and they give the groundhog a sedative to make him less aggressive.  Perhaps he isn’t too happy to be up at the crack of dawn in the freezing weather either.

Whether you’re looking for a funny piece of clothing or a Punxsutawney Phil shirt to wear to help celebrate the holiday, this Driving School design features the adorable animal showing off his skill behind the wheel.

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