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The snow has finally subsided and the rain is currently upon us.  April showers bring May flowers as they say.  As the weather becomes more pleasant and the urge to venture outside rises, I think of all the good things spring and summer have to offer, including swimming and tulips.  My husband’s mind goes to snow cones and similar summer frozen treats.  This Slush Puppie t-shirt highlights one of many people’s (including my husband’s) all-time favorites.  Not only do they bring up exciting memories of childhood summer excursions with friends and family, they are also a stepping stone for creating new relationships that will last for years to come.  Wear this t-shirt as you share a frozen cold one with a new best friend or an old pal.

Have you ever wondered who we have to thank for the refreshing Slush Puppie beverage?  The man’s name is Will Radcliff and he came up with the idea in 1970.  The empire was started on four simple yet tasty flavors – grape, lemon-lime, cherry and orange.  Today, drinkers are privileged to over twenty different flavor varieties like pina colada, blue vanilla and strawberry banana.  In 2006, it was bought out by the well-known ICEE Company which makes a wide array of frozen goodies as well.  If you love these vibrant colored, sugar-laden drinks then get your Slush Puppie shirt now.  Nothing combats the summer heat like an ice cold Slush Puppie and this cool tee.

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