Once Upon a Time Troll Bridge T-Shirt

Once Upon a Time Troll Bridge T-Shirt
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If you lived in Fairytale Land, you would encounter not only the pleasant inhabitants of the land but also the unpleasant inhabitants as well.  This includes the Troll Group who live under the Troll Bridge.  They require anyone who crosses the bridge to pay a toll.  In order to cross, Snow White gives them Prince Charming’s jewels and later returns to make a deal with the trolls to get the jewels back.  However, things go awry after the trolls search Prince Charming and find a wanted poster with Snow White’s picture on it.  Charming battles the trolls on top of the bridge as Snow flees, but he is overtaken by them.  Snow returns and uses her magical dark fairy dust to turn the trolls into cockroaches, enabling them both to make it across safely.  This Troll Bridge shirt displays the "real world" sign seen on the TV show.  The Storybrooke Toll Bridge is symbolic of the crossing that exists in Fairytale Land.

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